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For more than 20 years of tradition surface protection

Synthetic resin based floor coatings

Floorings for industrial use have to meet various requirements. Besides a good visual effect, the chemical and mechanical resistance are essential. Didier Säurebau offer a wide range of systems serving you well in almost every case of requirement.

Detail podlahy

It is up to you to decide on the properties
of your coating …



Physical data

Density of complete systém - g/l (approximate values) 1,6 1,6 2,0
Compressive strength - N/mm2 (approximate values) 80 80 100
Adhesive pull strength on concrete Greater than inherent strength of concrete
Max. temperature of use (permanent thermal stress) - °C 70 60 60
Fit for foot traffic after ... hrs 24 24 24
Full chemical strength obtained after … days 7 7 7
Mechanical load, S = fork lift traffic, HS = frequent fork lift traffic HS S HS
Conductive versions yes yes yes
Anti ski classification up to R13 - up to R12


Chemical resistance

Agent Stellapox Stelladur Stellagen Stellavol
Mineral oils modrá modrá modrá modrá
Gasoline modrá modrá modrá modrá
Benzene, toluene, xylene modrá modrá modrá šedá
Alcohols modrá modrá modrá modrá
Esters, Ketones modrá modrá modrá šedá
Methylen chloride šedá šedá zelená šedá
Trychlorethylenz šedá zelená modrá šedá
Aldehydes modrá modrá modrá modrá
Hydrochloric acid, Sulphuric acid, Phosporic acid modrá modrá modrá modrá
Nitric Acid, Chromic acid zelená zelená a šedá modrá modrá
Hydrofluoric acid zelená modrá modrá modrá
Formic acid, Acetic acid, Lactic acid zelená zelená modrá modrá
Vegetable and animal oils and fats modrá modrá modrá modrá
Potassium and sodium lyes modrá modrá modrá modrá
Chlorine bleaching lye up to 12% act. Chlorine zelená zelená zelená zelená
Ammonia modrá modrá modrá modrá
Alphatic amines modrá modrá modrá modrá
Hydrogen peroxide šedá modrá modrá modrá
Psychologically harmless yes yes * yes yes


modrá = resistant, zelená = conditionally resistant, šedá = not resistant

* with restrictions


Colours and decors

Standard colours ... MC/... FE/... FE-AS



Decor-proposals ... MCC/… EC



New technologies

We have extended
the offer corrosion protection and new technologies

Certificate SCC P (Safety Certificate Contractors)

In February 2014
we have successfully passed the certification per the German standard SCCP - Version 2011

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