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For more than 20 years of tradition surface protection

Acid protection

- more than just the protection againist acids

Effective protection of plants againist chemical attack requires a detailed knowledge of a project and close cooperation with our customers.

For us, your expectations are as important as the technical requirements. The result will be a systém tailored to your individual needs.




Sophisticated interior

Process tailored linings assure long, uninterrupted service of your plant facilities.

Obložení mořírny

Lining of pickling-plant

Obložení nádrže

Lining of a pretreatment basin in galvanising plant

Obložení nádrže

Lining systems for the fertilizer prooduction


Lining with acid resistant bricks


Lining systems for the fertilizer prooduction

Samonosný rošt

Self-supporting packed grid

The resistant floor

The great variety of requirements results in a large spectrum of chemically resistant floor lining system.


Lining for a chroming plant, approved by the German Institute for Constructional Engineering


Self-levelling coating for electroplating plant


Hexagonal tilings for food and pharmaceutical industries

Fields of application

Highly resistant material for multigrade use + immediate serviceability by avoiding setting and waiting times.

Prefabricated parts are an important component of the Stellaplast systém. By using prefabricated parts the welding work at site can be minimized thus increasing safety and reducing working time.

For Stellaplast we use weld-able synthetics mechanically fixed onto the substrate by means of knobs. Work can start immediately after the substrate has obtained the neccessary structural strength.Thus waiting times formerly occured by setting of the concrete, preparing and curing of materials can be avoided.


New technologies

We have extended
the offer corrosion protection and new technologies

Certificate SCC P (Safety Certificate Contractors)

In February 2014
we have successfully passed the certification per the German standard SCCP - Version 2011

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